Dr. Vijay Kumar In PhillyMag.com..."The Smartest People In Philadelphia - Technology"

Thursday November 1, 2012

The Smartest People in Philadelphia (Technology) in PhillyMag.com
Vijay Kumar

Robot Designer 
Just when you thought Apple had cornered the market on cool gadgets, along comes Kumar, the 50-year-old Penn prof who has invented tiny (as small as eight inches!) robots that can outmaneuver human-controlled drones, and even create 3-D maps of what they survey. Oh, and yeah: They fly. It’s all positively Jetsonian, but Kumar thinks the coolest part lies in application. “I can see a time when a swarm of them can go flying into some emergency situation before the first responders and transmit information,” he says. “It’s a way to protect human resources.” He es­timates it will be roughly a year until we see his robots get out and about in the field.