GRASP is made up of a diverse group of individuals from a variety of engineering disciplines. There are 18 faculty members and a range of about 20 postdoctoral researchers, 75 PhD students, and 90 Master's students who collaborate in many different ways.
Administrative Assistant; GRASP Lab
PostDoc, ESE
Post Doc
Research Coordinator - Kumar Robotics
PostDoc, MEAM
PhD, ESE '16 - PostDoc, ESE
PostDoc, ESE
PostDoc, ESE - PhD, ESE '17 - Senior Roboticist at COSY
PostDoc, ESE
PhD, MEAM '16 - Project Research Manager
Terry Kientz Photo
Project Engineer, MEAM - (Robotics MSE '17)
Lab Coordinator - Kod*Lab
PostDoc, MEAM
Research Scientist
Associate Director for Education and Outreach, Ph: 215-746-8126
PostDoc, ESE
Robotics MSE '15; PhD, MEAM '17, PostDoc
Associate Director, GRASP Lab & PERCH; Robotics MSE Graduate Coordinator, Ph: 215-898-0374
Post Doc, ESE
PostDoc, MEAM
PostDoc, MEAM
Robotics MSE '17 - Research Staff
Research Investigator
Robotics MSE '11- Research Scientist
Lab Manager - Kumar Robotics
PostDoc, MEAM
PostDoc, CIS