Inspired by Nature - Philadelphia Science Festival


Inspired by Nature

During Inspired by Nature, part of the Philadelphia Science Festival, roboticists partner with biologists to discuss bio-inspired robots and their animal partners and showcase how nature can inspire answers to complex problems with a few special demonstrations.

GRASP Involvement

GRASP was a co-organizer for Inspired by Nature, with GRASP roboticists making up three of the four presenters featured at the event:

  • Tonia Hsieh and Gavin Kenneally - Presented the engineering behind legged robots, referencing the RHex Hexapod, a robot inspired by a cockroach.
  • Justin Thomas and Alicia DeVane - Spoke about grasping and perching quadrotors, inspired by raptor birds like hawks and eagles.
  • Denise Wong and Jeffrey N. Carey - Spoke about microrobotics and the use of bacteria to create micromachines.