Aptonomy, Inc. (coming soon) aims to bring innovative autonomous robotics solutions to the marketplace to increase the efficiency and reliability of the enterprise operations of their clients. The startup is affiliated with Dr. Mihail Pivtoraiko. Stay up-to-date with this startup by visiting their website and joining the mailing list.

ARCHE: The ARCHE Group at the GRASP Lab at Penn focuses on developing  mobile robots for general applications in human environments. The group’s research specializes in Artificial Intelligence and Perception systems to be deployed for work alongside humans.  Current research has focused on multi-class object recognition and indoor mapping.

Exyn Technologies, Inc. was created in 2014 to commercialize micro aerial vehicle research developed by Dr. Vijay Kumar and the GRASP Lab at Penn. Exyn is also the first collaboration between Penn and IP Group, an investment group which develops new companies based on innovative university research.

Prendo Systems: Coming soon. Prendo Systems is affiliated Dr. Mark Yim (ModLab) of the GRASP Lab.