Master's Application Information

Application Information for Prospective Master’s Students

All applications for engineering graduate programs are submitted online and details on application requirements may be found here. Applicants for master’s and doctoral programs must have obtained a bachelor’s degree from an accredited School or University prior to intended matriculation date. In addition, applicants to the Master of Science in Robotics program are expected to have a strong academic background in computer science, electrical engineering, or mechanical engineering.

The deadline for the master’s program application is February 1. In addition, there is no Spring application cycle.

All materials – test scores, recommendations, etc. – should be submitted when the application is submitted, or shortly thereafter. Submission of standard GRE scores is optional for applicants to the Robotics Program; however, if you wish to submit GRE scores, our GRE Institution Code is 2888 and if a Department Code is required, please use 1699.  The Subject GRE is not required. The computer-based GRE General Test is acceptable at this time, as is the GRE General Test at Home. Information about the GRE may be found at

Transcripts, official TOEFL scores issued by ETS, letters of recommendation, etc. are required to complete the application dossier – all materials for the application should be submitted electronically. Please send your IELTS score report electronically. Test results should be sent to: “University of Pennsylvania School of Engineering and Applied Science”

All applications are reviewed, and applicants notified of the decision, as expeditiously as possible. It is not possible to evaluate a candidate’s potential for admission to the graduate program until the entire application – transcripts, letters of recommendation, personal statement, test scores, etc. – has been received.

Admission is competitive. Admission statistics can be found here; this will give you an idea of what is expected of applicants.

* There is no departmental funding available for master’s candidates.
* Research duties are usually handled by research fellow doctoral students.
* Teaching Assistant duties are generally met by PhD students participating in a Teaching Practicum.

You may explore alternative funding sources here and visit this link for information about employment opportunities (see “Employment Resources” for more information).

Accelerated Master’s Application Information 

Full details on the Accelerated Master’s process (formerly called Submatriculation) through SEAS may be found here. In addition to the Penn Engineering requirements undergraduate applicants must include: 1) a personal statement (1 page or less) along with their application; 2) a minimum cumulative STEM GPA of 3.2 in order to apply.

The external Accelerated Master’s (4+1) process and information may be found here.

Internal Master’s Transfer & Dual Master’s Request Information

Due to high demand, we are unable to automatically accept transfer or dual masters requests from students in other Masters programs at Penn. Students who are interested in applying to the Robotics MSE program from other programs at Penn will be afforded an opportunity to be considered as part of the regular admission process with the deadline of February 1st. Please note that acceptance to the robotics program is highly competitive and there are typically many more applicants than places available. Applications will only be accepted after 1 semester is completed in your current program at Penn.

For those that wish to apply: 1) Permission will need to be given to access your original graduate application to Penn 2) Updated materials such as personal statements, resume, letter of recommendation, etc may be submitted as well to complete your application 3) The petition to transfer form may be found here. Once the form is signed by your current program, please submit the form any any supplemental materials to


Graduate Coordinator for ROBO
Office: 459 Levine