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The Robotics M.S.E. requirements consist of a total of ten courses, including an optional thesis project. Graduate students in all study areas will find a broad range of multidisciplinary courses to choose from.


A complete description of the curriculum can be found here.



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Students are assigned an academic advisor from the distinguished members of the GRASP faculty. Applicants are encouraged to indicate a potential academic advisor in the personal statement section of the application. A program of study is developed with the academic advisor, who is responsible for monitoring the student’s academic plan and thesis work; the thesis supervisor will be typically the academic advisor.

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Master’s Thesis Details

Guidelines may be found here and the thesis approval form is above. The approval form must be signed by the GRASP Faculty thesis advisor and submitted to the ROBO Graduate Coordinator for review before the start of the 1st semester of the research project.

The Advisor Approved Thesis Paper will be due to the ROBO Faculty Program Chair 1 full week before the last day of classes of your 2nd semester ROBO 597. In addition, a required Thesis Presentation will be during the finals week of your 2nd semester of ROBO 597 during the Friday GRASP Seminar time if in May or during a GRASP research group presentation with Dr. Taylor in attendance if in August or December. 


Colleen Kennedy
Graduate Coordinator for ROBO
Office: 459 Levine