Resources for Current Robotics MSE Students

The Robotics M.S.E. requirements consist of a total of ten courses, including an optional thesis project. Graduate students in all study areas will find a broad range of multidisciplinary courses to choose from.

Important Dates & Deadlines

ROBO MSE students should refer primarily to the SEAS Graduate Academic Calendar to plan for upcoming events and deadlines. This calendar supplements Penn’s Three Year Academic Calendar (which is a useful resource, but primarily oriented for undergraduates).


A complete description of the curriculum can be found here.


Departmental Permits & Waitlists

Payment Information


Students are assigned an academic advisor from the distinguished members of the GRASP faculty. Applicants are encouraged to indicate a potential academic advisor in the personal statement section of the application. A program of study is developed with the academic advisor, who is responsible for monitoring the student’s academic plan and thesis work; thesis supervisors will be typically the academic advisor, however students are permitted to work with any GRASP faculty member on a thesis or independent study project.

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Research and Your ROBO Degree

ROBO Student Leadership


Graduate Coordinator for ROBO
Office: The GRASP Treehouse in Building 250 at the Pennovation Center