The GRASP Laboratory incorporates a selective and rigorous robotics program for graduate and doctoral students that boasts a research-focused environment within a distinguished Ivy League university. GRASP students work and learn within an intellectual setting founded on the strength of its academic programs led by an expert faculty. 


Through innovative, inter-disciplinary faculty research projects, GRASP leverages unique collaborations across fields to advance the knowledge base of robotics. The GRASP Laboratory is an agile and flexible robotics research space defined by its scholarly and creative approach to robotics, science, and technology.


The GRASP Lab operates as a hub for connecting our research with the venture capital that entrepreneurs provide. The GRASP team is devoted to advancing innovation in robotics that results in new products and services. The Lab builds partnerships with startups, and other collaborators that align with Penn's initiatives in innovation, and create opportunities to further impact the societal advantages of robotics.



The GRASP Laboratory engages with the K-12 community, education organizations, government, and science institutions to host events, teach summer classes, support robotics education, develop curriculum, and seek methods of inspiring America's youth to become involved with Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Robotics.