International Students

CPT Procedures:

Please visit the Graduate Affairs website for the most up to date information regarding CPT procedures and forms.

How to submit your CPT Form:

  • Access full details on the process and eligibility through the ISSS site here
  • General SEAS details may be referenced here
  • When completing the CPT form, please name Dr. Ani Hsieh as CPT-IS Supervisor.
  • When you have completed the CPT form, please combine the form and additional documents into one PDF file which includes the following:
    • CPT Form
    • Proposal (2 page max)
    • Offer letter with dates from your internship (to allow time for internal processing, your start date should be at least 2 weeks after the date you are submitting)

EAS 896: Professional Master’s Career Development

All ROBO students must enroll in the ROBO section of this course, which is EAS 896-015. A permit will not be required if you enroll in the correct section via PennInTouch.
*This is a great course to take in your second year fall semester to maintain full time status.

Applying for a Reduced Course Load:

Detailed information about Reduced Course Load (RCL)
How to apply for RCL

RCL Options Include: Academic Difficulties, Medical Condition, & Completion of Study/Coursework. Please check your eligibility at the links above and select the option that applied to you if needed.


Graduate Coordinator for ROBO
Office: The GRASP Treehouse in Building 250 at the Pennovation Center