Spotlight Videos

The GRASP Spotlight Videos serve as a resource for prospective and incoming students to hear the experience of past and current members and how the Penn Engineering’s GRASP Lab fosters the development of inspiring leaders in cutting edge robotics research.

Phd Experience | Robotics MSE Experience | PostDoc/Researcher Experience

PhD Experience

GRASP Lab Profile: Abriana Stewart-Height

Abriana Stewart-Height

PhD, ESE '23 - Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT

GRASP Lab Profile: Mickey Whitzer

Michael (Mickey) Whitzer

ROBO MSE '18; PhD, MEAM '20 - Autonomous Systems Technology Engineer, NASA

GRASP Profile: Kod*lab: Turner Topping

Thomas (Turner) Topping

PhD, ESE '23 - Ghost Robotics

GRASP Lab Profile: Monroe Kennedy III

Monroe Kennedy

Robotics MSE '16; PhD, MEAM '19 - Stanford University

Robotics MSE Experience

GRASP Lab Profile: Jasleen Kaur Dhanoa

Jasleen Kaur Dhanoa

Robotics MSE '23 - Research Assistant at the University of Pennsylvania

GRASP Lab Profile: Nicole Chiou

Nicole Chiou

Robotics MSE '21

PostDoc/Researcher Experience

Can I Have a Pet T. rex?

Diego Caporale

Robotics MSE '19, PhD, MEAM '24

Aja Carter

PostDoc, ESE '20-'23 - Carnegie Mellon University

Wei-Hsi Chen

PhD, ESE '22 - Postdoctoral Researcher, ESE

GRASP Lab Profile: Feifei Qian

Feifei Qian

Post Doc, ESE '19 - WiSE Gabilan Assistant Professor, University of Southern California