GRASP on Robotics is an inaugural series of talks hosted by the GRASP Laboratory. GRASP leverages academic, research, and industry connections to deliver a set of high class tech talks with the mission of providing technical topics and meaningful discussions. 

Join the live-stream here Fridays from 10:30am -11:25am followed by a Q&A panel between our speaker, faculty, and students until 11:45am.

Spring 2023 GRASP on Robotics: Pauline Pounds, The University of Queensland, “Drones, Bipeds and Sensors – 10 Years of the UQ Robotics Design Lab”

This is a hybrid event with in-person attendance in Wu and Chen and virtual attendance via Zoom. This week’s presenter will be in-person as well. 



The Robotics Design Lab was founded in 2012 at the University of Queensland, Australia, and considers the holistic design of robots as a system.  With the RDL Pauline Pounds’ work has focussed on improving robot performance, reducing cost, and developing practical solutions.  Her work has sought to increase drone endurance, payload and range, as well as develop ultra-low cost self-deploying sensor systems.  She has developed new sensors to allow drones to better sense and respond to aerodynamic conditions around them.  Her latest work on bipeds seeks to enable affordable dynamical bipeds for commercial applications.  This talk will give a broad overview of the last decade of her work in the RDL and highlight specific results within each of these areas.