Robotics Graduate Courses – Fall 2019

Days: M=Monday | T=Tuesday | W=Wednesday| R=Thursday | F=Friday

CIS 505/001Software SystemsPhanMW 12-1:30
CIS 511/001Theory of ComputationDeTR 4:30-6
CIS 519/401Applied Machine LearningRothMW 12-1:30
CIS 520/001Machine Learning UngarMW 10:30-12
CIS 520/201Machine Learning RecitationUngarF 9:30-11
CIS 521/401Artificial IntelligenceCallison-BurchTR 12-1:30
CIS 541/401Embedded Software for Life-Critical ApplicationsLeeMW 3-4:30
CIS 545/001Big Data AnalyticsIves/GreenbergMW 1:30-3
CIS 560/401Interactive Computer GraphicsMallyMW 1:30-3
CIS 560/402Interactive Computer Graphics RecitationMallyF 1:30-3
CIS 562/401Computer AnimationLaneTR 3-4:30
CIS 563/001Physically Based AnimationJiangMW 12-1:30
CIS 565/001GPU Programming & ArchitectureCozziM 6-9
CIS 565/201GPU Programming & Architecture RecitationCozziW 6-7
CIS 581/001Computer Vision & Computational PhotographyShiTR 3-4:30
CIS 620/301Advance Topics in Machine LearningAgarwalTR 10:30-12
CIS 680/301Advance TPC In Machine PerceptionShiMW 12-1:30
CIS 700/001CIS- TopicsNaikMW 1:30-3
CIS 700/002CIS- TopicsEatonTR 1:30-3
EAS 545/401Engineering Entrepreneurship ICasselTR 9-10:30
EAS 545/402Engineering Entrepreneurship IBabinTR 10:30-12
EAS 545/403Engineering Entrepreneurship IChanTR 10:30-12
EAS 546/001Engineering Entrepreneurship IIBabinT 4:30-7:30
EAS 546/002Engineering Entrepreneurship IICasselW 4:30-7:30
ENM 503/001Introduction to Probability & StatisticsCarchidiM 6-9
ENM 510/001Foundations of Engineering Math ICarchidiMW 4:30-6
ENM 521/001Principles and Techniques of Applied MathPonte- CastanedaMW 3-4:30
ENM 521/001Principles and Techniques of Applied Math RecitationPonte- CastanedaF 3-4:30
ESE 500/001Linear Systems TheoryPappasMW 3-4:30
ESE 504/401Introduction to Optimization TheoryGuignard-SpielbTR 1:30-3
ESE 504/402Introduction to Optimization TheoryGuignard-SpielbTR 3-4:30
ESE 504/403Introduction to Optimization TheoryCarchidiTR 4:30-6
ESE 519/401Real Time Embedded SystemsMangharamTR 12-1:30
ESE 519/402Real Time Embedded Systems (Lab)MangharamR 4:30-7:30
ESE 540/401Engineering EconomicsCasselTR 3-4:30
ESE 543/001Human Systems EngineeringWonM 4:30-7:30
ESE 680/001Special Topics in ESESnyderT 6-9
ESE 680/002Special Topics in ESEStaffMT 4-7
ESE 680/003Special Topics in ESEStaffT 3-6
ESE 680/004Special Topics in ESEStaffW 9-12
IPD 504/401Rehab Engineering & DesignJohnsonF 1-4
IPD 515/401Product DesignCaputoMW 12-1:30
IPD 525/401Ergo/Hum Factors Based Product DesignBresslerW 9-12
MEAM 510/001Design of Mechatronic SystemsYimMW 3-4:30
MEAM 510/201Design of Mechatronic Systems RecitationYimF 3-4
MEAM 517/001Control and Optimization with Applications in RoboticsPosa1:30-3
MEAM 520/001Introduction to RoboticsSungTR 12-1:30
MEAM 535/001Advance DynamicsCarchidiMW 12-1:30
MEAM 543/001 Stability of UAVSKothmannTR 9-10:30

All students (including CIS undergraduates) who are interested in registering for a 500 level or above CIS course, should be directed to the CIS permit to register form below:

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Colleen Kennedy
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