Robotics Graduate Courses – Spring 2024

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Please note: This page is updated manually and meant to act as a general guide. Path@Penn will contain the most up to date information regarding course schedules for the Spring semester.

BE 5210/401Brain-Computer InterfaceLittMW 1:45-3:15
BE 5210/402Brain-Computer Interface RecitationLittF 1:45-2:45
CIS 5150/001Fundamentals of Linear Algebra and OptimizationGallier TR 12-1:30
CIS 5190/401 – CIS 419Applied Machine LearningYatskarMW 1:45-3:15
CIS 5200/001Machine LearningWong/GoelTR 1:45-3:15
CIS 5450/001Big Data AnalyticsGardner/MarcusTR 1:45-3:15
CIS 5450/201Big Data Analytics RecitationGardner/MarcusF 10:15-11:45
CIS 5450/202Big Data Analytics RecitationGardner/MarcusF 12-1:30
CIS 5600/401- CIS 460Interactive Computer GraphicsMallyTR 1:45-3:15
CIS 5600/402 – CIS 460Interactive Computer Graphics RecitationMallyF 1:45-3:15
CIS 5800/001Machine PerceptionLiuMW 12-1:30
CIS 6200/001Advanced Topics in Deep LearningUngarTR 3:30-5
ENM 5110/001Foundations of Engineering Math – IICarchidiMW 5:15-6:45
ENM 5200/001Principles and Techniques of Applied Math IReina RomoTR 8:30-10
ENM 5310/001Data-Driven Modeling and Probabilistic Scientific ComputingTraskTR 3:30-5
ESE 5050/401 – MEAM 5130/401Feedback Control Design AnalysisKothmannMW 12-1:30
ESE 5050/402Feedback Control Design and Analysis LabKothmannT 10:15-11:45
ESE 5050/403Feedback Control Design and Analysis LabKothmannW 1:45-3:15
ESE 5050/404Feedback Control Design and Analysis LabKothmannR 12-1:30
ESE 5050/405Feedback Control Design and Analysis LabKothmannR 1:45-3:15
ESE 5310/001Digital Signal ProcessingKhannaTR 3:30-5
ESE 6050/001Modern Convex OptimizationMatniTR 3:30-5
ESE 6150/001F1/10 Autonomous Racing CarsMangharamMW 12-1:30
ESE 6150/101F1/10 Autonomous Racing Cars LabMangharamF 12-1
ESE 6500/001Learning in RoboticsChaudhariMW 10:15-11:45
IPD 5010/001Integrated Computer-Aided DesignCarrollMW 8:30-10
MEAM 5200/001Intro to RoboticsFigueroaTR 1:45-3:15
MEAM 5200/201Intro to Robotics RecitationFigueroaM 10:15-11:15
MEAM 5200/202Intro to Robotics RecitationFigueroaM 1:45-2:45
MEAM 5200/203Intro to Robotics RecitationFigueroaM 3:30-4:30
MEAM 5200/204Intro to Robotics RecitationFigueroaF 10:15-11:15
MEAM 5200/205Intro to Robotics RecitationFigueroaF 12-1
MEAM 5430/001Performance, Stability and Control of UAVsKothmannMW 8:30-10
MEAM 6200/001Advanced RoboticsHsiehTR 12-1:30
MEAM 6240/001Distributed RoboticsSungMW 10:15-11:45

All students (including CIS undergraduates) who are interested in registering for a 500 level or above CIS course, should be directed to the CIS waitlist system.

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