GRASP / engagement

The GRASP Laboratory engages with the K-12 community, education organizations, government, and science institutions to host events, teach summer classes, support robotics education, develop curriculum, and seek methods of inspiring America's youth to become involved with Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Robotics.

k-12 & public programs

The GRASP Lab collaboratively develops programs, events, and resources for Philadelphia area schools and for national engagement. The goals of these programs are to increase access to STEM and robotics resources and ultimately raise the achievement of students in our communities.

educator development

GRASP offers a range of initiatives and resources to assist practicing educators and faculty in their quest to become outstanding, up-to-date, and nationally recognized teachers and leaders in STEM education. These initiatives provide opportunities to increase knowledge, explore learning styles, and enhance teaching skills.


GRASP partners with education organizations, government, and schools to developing a new generation of innovators by building relationships between companies and engineering students, programs, and faculty. Each year, GRASP turns out new discoveries, inventions and top-flight graduates.

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Opportunities for Penn students

Current University of Pennsylvania students have a variety of opportunities to gain unique, hands-on experience for students interested in contributing to the future of robotics research and education.

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