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Fall 2015 GRASP Seminar: Evangelos Theodorou, Georgia Institute of Technology, “Stochastic Optimal Control: From Theory to Parallel Computation and Applications”

November 6, 2015 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm


Over the past 10 years there has been an increasing interest in robotics to develop algorithms for stochastic control applicable to robotic and autonomous systems. Among other forms of stochastic control the path integral optimal control formulation provides a mathematically sound methodology for developing optimal control algorithms based on stochastic sampling of trajectories. In this talk I will present results in the area of sampling based control that go beyond the classical formulation of the path integral control framework. These results rely on information theoretic dualities and generalizations of the so called Feynman-Kac lemma. In addition I will present alternative methodologies to sampling based stochastic control using concepts from stochastic mechanics, polynomial chaos theory and non-parametric regression. Finally I will discuss various applications to autonomous systems in robotics and aerospace engineering.


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Dr. Evangelos A.Theodorou is assistant professor in the Daniel Guggenheim school of aerospace engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology. He is also affiliated with the Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Machines. Dr. Evangelos A. Theodorou has a bachelors in Electrical Engineering and Masters in Production Engineering from Technical University of Crete, Greece. He has also an Masters in Computer Science and Engineering from University of Minnesota,and a Masters in Electrical Engineering and a PhD in Computer Science from USC. His research interest span the areas of stochastic optimal control, machine learning and statistical physics.


November 6, 2015
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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