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Fall 2011 GRASP Seminar – Wendell Chun, Lockheed Martin, “Robotics: A Long Way to Get Here and Still a Long Way to Go”

November 18, 2011 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Abstract: Remember when the notion that everyone will have his/her own
personal robot growing up? What
happened? Robotics has been influenced
by Isaac Asimov, and especially the cinema. We look quickly at the history of computers, AI, and robotics. This presentation will discuss where we are
today and what the future in robotics may look like. This includes the idea of having a singularity,
data, knowledge, complexity, and autonomy. But why is this hard? This
progression parallels the work of the robotics group at Martin Marietta and later
Lockheed Martin in Denver, starting in the early 1980’s. Along the way, Martin Marietta/ Lockheed
Martin pioneered mobile robotic navigation with the Autonomous Land Vehicle (ALV)
program, the Flight Telerobotic Servicer, National Automated Highway System
Consortium (NAHSC), the Future Combat System (FCS) mule vehicle, the NASA
SuperBot, and a few other robotic programs within the corporation. NASA specifically could benefit from advances
in robotics in a variety of applications. Generally, robotics has matured from interesting concepts to some prototype
robots that have been demonstrated with success. And in the coming years, robotics will mature
in a number of interesting areas.


Wendell Chun has 33 years of experience with Lockheed Martin Space
Company in Denver, Colorado, performing a wide and diverse range of engineering
disciplines from mechanical engineering to systems engineering. He is a
graduate of the University of Hawaii and Carnegie Bosch Institute at Carnegie
Mellon University. Wendell is currently on the faculty at the University of
Denver since 2003, teaching both undergraduate and graduate classes in
robotics, design, innovation, and entrepreneurship. Working in robotics for over 30 years, he has
been a member of the following world-leading robot research and development
programs at Martin Marietta/Lockheed Martin: Autonomous Land Vehicle,
Intelligent Task Automation, Unmanned Ground Vehicle Demo II, Automated Highway
System, Flight Telerobotic Servicer, and the Unmanned Ground Combat
Vehicle. Wendell Chun was Principal
Investigator for Lockheed Martin research into autonomous rendezvous and
docking, precision landing, and software for autonomous operations. He also has
experience in spacecraft design, working on the Manned Maneuvering Unit
structure, mechanical design on the Faint Object Spectrograph experiment within
the Hubble Space Telescope, and test & verification on mechanisms on
classified programs. Recent activities
included rendezvous and docking lead on the NASA Alternate Access to Space
program (a pre-cursor to COTS), technical lead for LM proposal on COTS, and technical
lead on the AFRL Reasoner proposal in which was won. Wendell was the Vehicle Systems Management Architect
on the Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle (CEV) program, having responsibility for
automation & autonomy, health & status, fault detection & isolation,
mission planning, resource management, etc.
In his last position, he supported NASA Goddard Space Flight Center on a
robotic satellite demonstration and future satellite servicing robot.


November 18, 2011
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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