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GRASP Special Seminar (II Part Talk): Alfred Nischwitz & Siegfried Ippisch, University of Applied Sciences, Munich, “SAM (Smart Air Munich)”

June 15, 2015 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

Abstract of talk about SAM (Smart Air Munich) by AN

 The “SmartAirMunich”-Team consists of 50 students from computer science, mechanical, electrical and aerospace engineering that aim to participate in the AUVSI SUAS (Student Unmanned Air Systems) competetion held in Patuxent River, MD from June 17th to 21st. Within one year the SAM-team constructed its own fixed-wing aircraft carrying all sensors (e.g. a Samsung Galaxy K Zoom camera and an Opgal ThermApp IR camea) for reconnaissance, programmed a ground station consisting of two notebooks for mission planning and mission control as well as the necessary intercommunication devices. Upon several tasks to be fulfilled during the competition are autonomous start, waypoint navigation, landing, an air drop of a canister from an altitude of 400 feet to a bulls-eye with a concentric ring of 30 feet, search area tasks with automatic target detection, localization and classification in the visual and infrared wavelength ranges.

Presenter’s Biography

Alfred Nischwitz is a professor at the University of Applied Sciences, Munich. He received his diploma in physics as well as his PhD in electrical engineering from Technical University, Munich. His current research interests are real-time shadow algorithms in computer graphics, tracking and demosaicing algorithms in image processing, and smartphone-guided autonomous systems.

Part II(starting at 12:30pm) 

Abstract of talk about Androcopter (Smartphone controlled Quadrocopter) by SI

 Current Smartphones offer a lot of computing power. They also have various sensors which are also contained in unmanned air system. Our project, also called, Androcopter, is about using a smartphone (running Android) as the head of such a flight object. We are using the smartphones camera to track objects. The CPU and GPU inside allows us to run state of the art tracking algorithms in real time. Additional sensors such as IMU, Barometer and Magnetometer could be used for navigation systems. This talk gives an overview to our approaches, solutions, and outlooks.

Presenter’s Biography

 Siegfried Ippisch is a research scientist in the University of Applied Sciences, Munich. At the same time, he studies computer science with a focus on computer vision and image processing. With support from the MBDA Germany, he is working on a project to use smartphones as the head of autonomous flight objects. The project was started with his bachelor thesis in 2012. Now he works on new features and maintains other bachelor and master students inside this project.


June 15, 2015
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
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