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Penn Haptics Open House: An Interactive Exhibition of Hands-On Student Projects

December 10, 2010 @ 1:00 pm

Taught by Dr. Katherine Kuchenbecker, MEAM 625: Haptic Interfaces, a grad-level class on the science and technology of touch-based interactions for virtual environments, teleoperation, and autonomous robots.  Twenty-eight students have put together eight great projects and will be demonstrating them for you this Friday:

Penn Haptics Open House
An Interactive Exhibition of Hands-On Student Projects
Friday, December 10
Towne 144 and Towne 195

Improve your golf putting accuracy by practicing your swing with haptic guidance

Throw and catch a virtual ball that you can feel in your hand
Blindly navigate unknown areas using a smart cane that alerts you to overhead obstacles
Play a virtual drum that you can see, feel, and hear all at once
Learn how to hit a tennis ball from a virtual haptic tennis coach
Try to locate the lump in a mock prostate using a tactile sensing array for robotic surgery
Kick a virtual haptic soccer ball and try to score a goal
Watch the PR2 robot automatically find objects on a table via tactile scanning

Don’t miss out this chance to experience the state-of-the art in haptic human-computer and human-machine interfaces.  The students have put in a great deal of work on these projects, and I’m very excited to be able to share their results with you.  
The Open House will take place in two rooms on the first floor of Towne.  The main haptics research lab is Towne 144 – down the hall from the MEAM machine shop, near the first-floor juncture between Towne and Skirkanich.  Our satellite haptics classroom is Towne 195 – at the top of the ramp near the MEAM machine shop and the CyberCafe.  There will be signs posted to help you find both rooms.


December 10, 2010
1:00 pm