PennFLL Championship 2019

Congratulations to all the winners of the Championship!


Awards Team Number Team Name
Champion's Award/ World Festival - 1st 16216 Lego Vikings Gold
Champion's Award/ World Festival - 2nd 40203 Hot Bot-tatoes
Champion's Award/ Lego Land Invitational - 3rd 23352 Silver Wolves
Razorback Invitational 5230 TOBOR Red
211 POINTS 23352 Silver Wolves
204 POINTS 16216 Lego Vikings Gold
185 POINTS 32839 Kosmic K-9's
Mechanical Design Award - 1st 41697 Unique Technics
Mechanical Design Award - 2nd 18929 NexGen 2.0
Programming Award - 1st 25491 Sky Walkers
Programming Award - 2nd 39056 Stetson Middle School
Strategy & Innovation Award - 1st 9891 PAS Tesla Robotics
Strategy & Innovation Award - 2nd 18316 Area 18316
Presentation Award - 1st 34827 The Brainstormers
Presentation Award - 2nd 9897 ICS - Robo Griffins
Innovative Solution Award - 1st 6309 Alternating Current
Innovative Solution Award - 2nd 35390 PAS Robo-TICKS
Research Award - 1st 5230 TOBOR Red
Research Award - 2nd 4764 O.T.T.E.R. Space
Teamwork Award - 1st 32839 Kosmic K-9's
Teamwork Award - 2nd 545 SCH FLL 6.1
Inspiration Award - 1st 41486 Baldwin Dreamers C
Inspiration Award - 2nd 28773 Electric Wolves
Gracious Professionalism Award - 1st 28969 Astrobots
Gracious Professionalism Award - 2nd 7114 WMS Blue
Judges Awards    
Rising Star 32387
LC Robotics Squires- Space Bots
Against All Odds 10210 Galaxy BOTS
Spirit 43467 Harambee Robotics
Coach/ Mentor Award 12137 Michael Franklin
Coach/ Mentor Award 32388 Jen Huber
Volunteer Award   Meghan Ho
Volunteer Award   Ari Bortman


February 9, 2019

Houston Hall
University of Pennsylvania
3417 Spruce Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104 

Visitor Information
All FLL events are free and open to the public:

Competition Schedule
7:00 AM - Team Registration Opens (Houston Hall)
8:15 AM - Opening Ceremony (Irvine)
9:00 AM - Practice Matches (Irvine) / Judging Starts (Houston)
12:30 PM - Lunch
12:45 PM - Robot Matches (Irvine)
4:30 PM - Breakdown Pit Area
5:00 PM - Singing, Dancing, and Robot Fun (Irvine)
5:30 PM - Closing Ceremony (Irvine)
6:15 PM - End

Important Weather Notes

  1. In the event of predicted inclement weather (i.e. ice storm, snow….), we will try our best to make a determination by 5pm Friday night. We may also make an additional determination at 5 AM Saturday morning. Please call the following number (646-436-5959) for event status.
  2. In case of inclement weather, we may attempt a delayed start. This will cause the schedule to change and we ask that everyone be patient.
  3. In extreme cases, we may have to cancel. A canceled champion’s event will not be rescheduled. In this case advancing teams will be randomly chosen.
  4. In all cases and outcomes event registration fees will not be refunded because of costs incurred by Penn FLL. 

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Houston Hall
3401 Spruce St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104
United States