GRASP Special Seminar: Ryan Kennedy, Skydio, "Making Autonomy Matter: Progress and Challenges"


The technology for intelligent and trustworthy navigation of autonomous UAVs has reached an inflection point to provide transformative gains in capability, efficiency, and safety to major industries. Drones are starting to save lives of first responders, automate dangerous infrastructure inspection, digitize the physical world with millimeter precision, and capture Hollywood quality video - all on affordable consumer hardware.

At Skydio, we have invested five years of R&D in the ability to handle difficult unknown scenarios in real-time based on visual sensing, and shipped two generations of fully autonomous drone. In this talk, I will discuss the close collaboration of geometry, learning, and modeling within our system, our experience putting robots into production, and the challenges still ahead.


Presenter's biography

Ryan Kennedy is a member of the autonomy team at Skydio where he works on dense mapping, 3D reconstruction, and obstacle avoidance for autonomous quadcopters. He previously attended the University of Pennsylvania and received a PhD in computer vision under the supervision of C.J. Taylor. Prior to joining Skydio, Ryan also worked at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


University of Pennsylvania- GRASP Lab
3330 Walnut Street
Wu & Chen Auditorium Levine 101
Philadelphia, PA 19104
United States


Ryan Kennedy