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GRASP Seminar: Klara Nahrstedt, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, “View-casting: View-based Stream Dissemination and Control for Multi-Party 3D Tele-immersive Environments”

November 7, 2008 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Abstract: Tele-immersive 3D multi-camera, multi-display room environments are emerging and with them new challenging research questions. One important question is how to organize the large amount of visual data, being captured, processed, transmitted and displayed, and their corresponding resources over current COTS computing and networking infrastructures so that “everybody” would be able to install and use tele-immersive environments for interactive physical activities. In this talk, I introduce the concept of a view to deal with and translate between the large amount of data, these immersive and interactive environments produce, and the bandwidth/delay barriers of current COTS networks and operating systems for these environments. I will discuss our cross-layer control, adaptive streaming framework with view dissemination, called TEEVE (Tele-immersive Environments for EVErybody). TEEVE aims for (1) effective and adaptive coordination, synchronization and soft QoS-enabled delivery of tele-immersive visual streams to remote rooms, and (2) effective view-casting model for different view dissemination in the multi-party 3D tele-immersive environments.

This is a joint work with Zhenyu Yang, Wanmin Wu, and Ruzena Bajcsy.


Klara Nahrstedt is a professor at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Computer Science Department. Her research interests are directed towards multimedia middleware systems, QoS-aware resource management in distributed multimedia systems. She is the recipient of the Early NSF Career Award, the Junior Xerox Award, the IEEE Communication Society Leonard Abraham Award for Research Achievements, the Ralph and Catherine Fisher Professorship Chair, University Scholar Award, and IEEE Fellow. She is the general chair IEEE Percom 2009, and the elected chair of ACM Special Interest Group in Multimedia (2007-2009).

Klara Nahrstedt received her BA in mathematics from Humboldt University, Berlin, in 1984, and M.Sc. degree in numerical analysis from the same university in 1985. In 1995 she received her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Computer and Information Science.


November 7, 2008
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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