GRASP Faculty Membership


GRASP is an association of Penn faculty members who work collaboratively on robotics autonomy sensing and perception.

In recognition of the value of having a critical mass of researchers and the greater impact and growth of robotics as a discipline yet keeping in mind dilution of resources and the political consequences of being too large, this document serves to help delineate the benefits and costs of participating in GRASP activities at two levels.

  1. GRASP Member
  2. GRASP Affiliate


GRASP Members are those who deeply involved in robotics, autonomy sensing and/or perception.

Privileges this person and his/her group will receive:

  • Has full access to GRASP shared resources (space, equipment, staff for GRASP research related – not general administrative)
  • Is eligible to become GRASP director
  • May advise ROBO masters thesis.
  • Successes will be promoted through GRASP PR channels
  • Will be invited to participate in GRASP events

Responsibilities each of which this person must adhere to each year:

  • Teach core and/or technical elective classes that ROBO students may take
  • Provide income to GRASP through overhead on grants
  • Be program advisor to multiple ROBO masters students
  • Host GRASP speakers (or attempt to)
  • Contribute to the administration of GRASP
  • Serve on at least one GRASP committee (hiring, facilities, social, seminar etc.)
  • Their students serve on GRASP committees (maintenance of equipment, provide demonstrations for visitors etc.)


  • In principle, GRASP members will not be core members of other centers. The analogous condition is being a primary member of a department.

GRASP Affiliates are those whose interaction is valued, but who may not match all the aspects of GRASP members.

Privileges this person and his/her group will receive:

  • Invitations to GRASP major events
  • Promotion of successes related to GRASP through GRASP PR channels
  • Listing on GRASP website and publications
  • Notifications of GRASP related proposals and opportunities
  • Access to some GRASP resources (e.g. facilities at lower priority)
  • Access to co-advise ROBO MS thesis and independent study

Responsibilities that this person must adhere to each year:

  • Interaction with GRASP faculty and students
  • Service on GRASP committees (such as outreach, social, website, marketing, equipment etc.)


  • GRASP Affiliates will be asked for input, but do not have voting rights.


GRASP Member and GRASP Affiliate designations are determined by voting amongst the GRASP Members.

Candidate Members and Affiliates are suggested or applied directly to the GRASP administration. The candidate must have a current GRASP member sponsor that presents their case (CV) to GRASP members. Optionally, candidates may be asked to present their work at a seminar. GRASP members then vote for approval. Evaluation will be based on appropriateness and benefits to stakeholders.

Once established, membership and affiliation are renewed every two years.