GRASP Lab Profile: Monroe Kennedy III

June 18th, 2019

Penn Engineering’s GRASP Lab fosters the development of inspiring leaders in cutting edge robotics research. In his final months before earning his doctorate, GRASP Lab researcher  Monroe Kennedy III detailed his experience studying the fields of assistive robotics and cooperative transport, where robots help people move heavy objects and navigate cluttered environments. These two interests came together to help him create a wet lab robotic assistant, a system that can determine liquid amounts in a receiving vessel, and leverage the visually estimated geometry of the pouring vessel to quickly pour precise amounts of fluids.    More than the technical skills he developed in the GRASP Lab, Kennedy credits his experience there as showing how engineers can make a positive impact in society by pursuing robotics research in computer vision, perception and control systems. Kennedy will begin as an Assistant Professor at Stanford University in Fall 2019.  

Video credit: Diedra Krieger, GRASP Lab  

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