Dr. Nora Ayanian GRASP Alumna - MIT Techonology Review's 35 Innovators Under 35


MIT Technology Review's: 35 Innovators under 35

Visionaries: By looking at things a bit differently from everyone else, they find powerful new uses of technology

"To build better machines, a roboticist goes far outside her field for guidance.

Nora Ayanian calls robots people. It’s not some weird affectation; it helps her with her work.

She’s a computer scientist who thinks machines should work together to get things done. Let’s say a farmer wants to have drones autonomously survey crops and take soil samples. You couldn’t program each drone with the same set of commands, because each would have a different task and would have to solve different problems as it navigated. You know what is good at solving problems on the fly, in a group that draws on various skills from different individuals? People..." 

- By Ryan Bradley

- Photo by Damon Casarez

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