Team Darwin wins World Championship at RoboCup 2012…plus Highlights

June 26th, 2012

Check out Team Darwin in action during the world championship finals for the Humanoid Kid-Size league in this video.

Congratulations to our UPennalizers at RoboCup 2012 World Championship!!!

Update 1: (June 22nd, 2012)

From Mexico City!…Twelve students from GRASP are currently competing in the International Robocup tournament here with our neighbors in the south.

The Darwin-OP team is competing in the Humanoid Kid size league, along with 21 other teams from around the world.  In the first round of the competition, Team Darwin quickly dispatched teams from England and Beijing, China by routing them 10-0 each.  This placed them into the second round of the tournament, where the Darwin robots took advantage of the thin air to overwhelm three teams from Israel, Newcastle, Australia, and Hamburg, Germany, making them a top seed for the final elimination round.  Steve, Yida, SJ, Larry, and Aditya will be guiding the robots later this evening against a team from Iran in the quarterfinals.

The UPennalizers Nao team is competing in the Standard Platform League with 24 other teams.  Jordan, Ashleigh, Spencer, Will, and Dickens have programmed the Naos to an unblemished record so far in the tournament.  In the first round, the Penn team beat Italy 6-1, and spoiled the local mood by crushing the host Mexican team 10-0. In the second round, the UPennalizers have beaten Bowdoin 4-1 and Scotland 5-3, and are waiting to play the final round robin match against Berlin, Germany before proceeding to the quarterfinals against University of New South Wales, Australia, this evening.

Steve, Nick, and Will, the three McGill brothers have also put together a new team in the Humanoid Teen size league. With brand new hardware, they will compete in the semi-finals later this afternoon against the Japanese teen size team.

Update 2: (June 25, 2012)

Penn’s robot soccer team is back with another update from Mexico City. Against the backdrop of Euro 2012, Team DARwIn and the UPennalizers have accomplished heroics of their own.  The UPennalizers continued their journey to the quarterfinals against the UNSW team from Australia.  In a disruptive match marred by network interference, the UPennalizers lost in a valiant attempt to keep the Aussies down under.

In the Kid Size Humanoid League quarterfinal match, Team DARwIn took down the Iranian AUTman team in a convincing 8-1 victory that pushed us into the semifinals for the third straight year.  In this semifinal match, we faced off against the Chinese ZJUDancer team in the semifinals where we prevented a single score in a 9-0 win.  Team DARwIn looked stronger than ever to face CIT Brains from Chiba, Japan in a repeat final match from last year.  By upping up our robots’ speed and delivering backflip getup routines, Team DARwIn was able to defend its title in Mexico City with a dominating 8 to 2 victory.  All told, Team DARwIn scored 70 goals in 8 matches and allowed only 4 against.