“What Happens in Kod*lab?” on IEEE Spectrum Video Friday

March 20th, 2016

Video Friday: Walking the XDog, Muscle-Powered BioBots, and Rollin’ Justin Will Clean Your Kitchen

By: Evan Ackerman and Erico Guizzo | Posted 11 Mar 2016

Check out Kod*lab’s feature in last week’s Video Friday on IEEE Spectrum!

Undergraduates working in Kod*lab are important to the lab’s success in building robots and advancing research. The students’ experiences have often led to undergraduate-authored refereed publications and exciting careers in robotics. Kod*lab’s recent undergraduate research assistants, Shafag Idris ’15, Electrical and Systems Engineering, and Justin Starr ’15, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics, share their experiences and insight while working in Kod*lab and post-graduation plans.

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