Alexandre Amice

Alexandre Amice

Robotics MSE '20 - PhD Candidate, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Alexandre Amice graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2020 with an M.S.E in Robotics and a B.S.E in Mathematics and Electrical Engineering. He is currently a PhD student in MIT’s EECS department advised by Professors Pablo Parrilo and Russ Tedrake. His research interests are the study of the foundations of optimization, control, and machine learning theory for improving the capabilities of advanced robotic systems.

While at Penn, Alexandre completed his master’s thesis under the supervision of Professors Alejandro Ribeiro and C.J. Taylor studying the theory of constraint relaxation of optimization problems and their application in robotics, control theory, and computer vision. His undergraduate senior design was advised by Professor Manfred Morari and sought to robustify vehicular platooning algorithms to unreliability in communication networks. Alexandre was awarded the Albert P. Godsho and E. Stuart Eichert Prize in 2020 and 2019 respectively by the faculty of Penn Engineering.

Camillo J. Taylor

Associate Dean, ODEI - SEAS; Raymond S Markowitz President’s Distinguished Professor, CIS

Alexandre Amice