Anirudh Cowlagi

Anirudh Cowlagi (He, Him, His)

Robotics MSE Accelerated Master's '24 - Citadel

Anirudh is currently pursuing a dual-degree in the Vagelos Integrated Program in Energy Research, studying physics and electrical engineering (Spring 2024), in addition to an MSE in Robotics. For the last two years, Anirudh has been doing research with Prof. Pratik Chaudhari’s group, working to understand the surprising efficacy of high-dimensional models like deep networks on tasks induced by natural data.

Outside the classroom, he typically spends his time helping build an electric race car as a part of Penn’s Electric Racing team, being a CIS 1210 TA, watching the Lions, or going down YouTube rabbit holes.

Anirudh Cowlagi