Bharath Sankaran

Bharath Sankaran

Robotics MSE '12 - CTO, Scaled Robotics

Bharath is the CTO and Co-founder of Scaled Robotics, a Barcelona based startup that is on a mission to modernize 21st-century construction with Robotics and Artificial Intelligence. Scaled Robotics addresses issues surrounding waste and inefficiency in construction by developing new tools for an industry which will impact their processes from end to end. You can learn more about Scaled Robotics on their website. Prior to founding Scaled Robotics, Bharath spent more than a decade working as a robotics researcher at some of the world’s leading robotics labs. His alma mater include the CLMC Lab at USC, the Max Planck Institute’s Autonomous Motion Department, the GRASP Lab, and the Robotics Institute to a name a few. Bharath’s primary research focuses on Active and Interactive Perception. He is interested in the relation between motion and perception. You can learn more about his projects and professional profile on his website.

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Ruth Yalom Stone Professor, CIS

Camillo J. Taylor

Associate Dean, ODEI - SEAS; Raymond S Markowitz President’s Distinguished Professor, CIS

Bharath Sankaran