Mark Yatskar

Mark Yatskar (He, Him, His)

Assistant Professor, CIS

Mark is an Assistant Professor at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of Computer and Information Science. He did his PhD at the University of Washington co-advised by Luke Zettlemoyer and Ali Farhadi. Mark was a Young Investigator at the Allen Institute for Artificial Intelligence for several years working with their computer vision team, Prior. His work is interdisciplinary, spanning Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, and Fairness in Machine Learning. Mark received a Best Paper Award at EMNLP for work on gender bias amplification (Wired article).

Mark’s research broadly explores how language can be used to structure visual perception. His work on machine learning approach enables tight coupling between how people express themselves in language and how machine behavior is specified. A central thread in his research is trying to understand how machine learning systems inherit human bias.

Mark Yatskar