Pankti Hitesh	Parekh

Pankti Hitesh Parekh

Robotics MSE '23 - Machine Learning Engineer at NVIDIA

Pankti Parekh is a Robotics Engineer who obtained a Masters of Science in Robotics from the University of Pennsylvania in 2020. She completed a Deep Learning internship with the DFX Methodology team at NVIDIA during the summer of 2022 and has joined the company full-time in June 2023. Pankti’s research interests are focused on the intersection of Classical Computer Vision, Deep Learning, and State Estimation. She enjoys solving complex problems in robotics, designing algorithms, systems or processes that are efficient and effective, and building Machines of Conscience to realize the cybernetic dream. Pankti is also interested in psychology and likes to read books on the subject in her free time.

Pankti Hitesh	Parekh