Carnival on the Parkway – Philadelphia Science Festival

Carnival on the Parkway – Philadelphia Science Festival

Science Carnival on the Parkway

The Science Carnival on the Parkway, part of the Philadelphia Science Festival, features more than 175 exhibitors offering non-stop, family-friendly experiments, interactive activities, games, and a packed line-up of live entertainment. Enjoy making slime, meeting live zoo animals, checking out the inner-workings of robots, taking a tour of a helicopter, extracting DNA from a strawberry, testing a “crime scene” for forensic evidence, and so much more!

GRASP Involvement

The GRASP Laboratory held a series of demonstrations of robotics at the Science Festival on the Parkway. Our demonstrations included the use of sensors, LEGO® construction, autonomous line following, the FIRST® LEGO® League competition, and even a LEGO® guitar.