High School Internships



The Summer Internship application window is now open.

Our application for the summer of 2019 will close March 1.


Expectations of Interns

  • Must be a rising senior
  • At least 4 weeks of commitment, varies with internship
  • Proper behavior for a research lab
  • Fulfilling all deadlines
  • Complete post-internship survey

Interested applicants must submit the following:

  • Fill out the information form online
  • Two letters of recommendation from school staff - teachers, administrators, guidance counselors, coaches, etc
  • HS Transcript
  • Resume
  • Cover Letter that discusses the following items: What your research interests are or if you are interested in working with anyone in particular; the most challenging project or activity that you worked on in school; and your plans for the future
  • Internship Packet (Minors, Adults) - Please do not complete any spaces regarding laboratory, mentor, research, or faculty information.
  • Letter signed by high school (counselor or administration) confirming course credit and/or academic experience will be granted to the student by the high school. No application will be accepted without this letter.
  • Two references (21+)
  • Submission of 2 examples of science writing (i.e. lab reports)

Submit all documents in PDF form in one email to danuueda@seas.upenn.edu.
If your application is selected, you will be invited in for an interview.