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Fall 2010 GRASP Seminar – Pietro Perona, California Institute of Technology, “Vision of a Visipedia”

November 19, 2010 @ 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

Abstract: The web is not yet perfect: while text is easily searched and organized, pictures (the vast majority of the bits that one can find online) are still digital dark matter. In order to see how one could make pictures first-class citizens of the web, I explore the idea of Visipedia, a visual interface for Wikipedia that is able to answer visual queries and enables experts to contribute and organize visual knowledge. Five distinct groups of humans would interact through Visipedia: users, experts, editors, visual workers, and machine vision scientists. The latter would gradually build automata able to interpret images. I explore some of the technical challenges involved in making Visipedia happen. I argue that Visipedia will likely grow organically, combining state-of-the-art machine vision with human labor and and I will present experiments suggesting that machines and humans may be combined into a seamless visual information processing system.
Joint work with P. Welinder, S. Belongie, S. Branson, K. Wah


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Dr. Pietro Perona is the Allen E.
Puckett Professor of Electrical Engineering at Caltech. He directs
Computation and Neural Systems (www.cns.caltech.edu), a PhD program
centered on the study of biological brains and intelligent machines.
Professor Perona’s research centers on vision. He has contributed to the
theory of partial differential equations for image processing and
boundary formation, and to modeling the early visual system’s function.
He is currently interested in visual categories and visual recognition.Dr. Perona’s research interests also include Computer Vision: recognition, navigation, human-computer interfaces, texture analysis, multiresolution
image analysis, diffusions and Human Vision: perception of shape-from-shading, perception of texture and models of early vision.


November 19, 2010
11:00 am - 12:00 pm
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