Five Robots to Watch – GRASP in the NY Times

July 20th, 2010

By: Nick Bilton | Posted 15 July 2010

Before we know it, robots will be teaching our children in schools, sitting next to us in nursing homes and fighting for us in battle. But we are still a few years from these changes starting to enter our everyday lives.

But one can dream, right?

I often find myself mesmerized by robot videos that surface on YouTube. They appear from inside university research labs and are also uploaded by private company research centers, where many receive millions of views by robot-loving hopefuls.

Below I picked five interesting robot videos from the Web. If you know of other robotics videos please share them in the comments below.

The General Robotics, Automation, Sensing and Perception Lab, or GRASP Lab, has been working with a lot of quadrotor robots lately. Quadrotor robots have four propellers that can provide a tremendous amount of control to the bots. The video above shows one of the quadrotor’s picking up and gripping objects below.

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