GRASP Lab selected as one of 11 world-wide to receive a PR2 Beta Robot from Willow Garage

May 4th, 2010

After reviewing 78 submissions to the PR2 Beta Program Call for Proposals, Willow Garage announces their selections of eleven recipients for the PR2 Beta robots at no cost. Details on the recipients can be found here.

The University of Pennsylvania’s GRASP Lab proposal PR2GRASP: From Perception and Reasoning to Grasping:
The GRASP Lab proposal aims to tackle some of the challenges facing household robotics. These challenges include tracking people and planning for navigation in dynamic environments, and transferring handheld objects between robots and humans. Their contributions will include giving PR2 a tool belt to change its gripper on the fly, helping it track and navigate around people, and performing difficult two-arm tasks like opening spring-loaded doors.