GRASP’s quadrotors featured in “Real life ‘construction’ quadcopter robots being developed”

December 3rd, 2014

Real life “Constructicon” quadcopter robots being developed

By: Ray Walters | Posted 2 December 2011

Update December 14: There’s now a video of the robots actually constructing the tower/art exhibit embedded at the bottom of the story.

While scientists are not creating evil robots that are hell bent on destruction (as far as we know), theyare working on drones that will have the ability to autonomously build the structures that we both work and live in. The day of driving around your city and seeing swarms of nanobots or robots capable of flight building a new office building may not be far off. With recent development in robotic technology, the days of the human construction worker may be numbered as machinery will make the task cheaper and safer for all of those involved. It may be time to start thinking about re-purposing that hard hat into a flower pot to make it useful.

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