New Bolton Center Pigs Star in International Competition in Penn Vet Extra

December 16th, 2016

New Bolton Center Pigs Star in International Competition in Penn Vet Extra

By Louisa Shepard
Published Dec 19, 2016

Penn Engineering Partnership

“The GRASP Lab invests about $40,000 each year into the competition, funded through grants and other financial support. The staff sets up the region’s 10 qualifying competitions in December and January, and hosts the regional competition at Penn’s Irvine Auditorium on February 4.

They consult with coaches and teams to give advice, and stage scrimmages. Penn Engineering students, many of them veterans of the competition, help build the LEGO models used for the robotic competition, and serve as mentors, judges, and referees.

The Lab also fully funds and supports 38 teams in Philadelphia public schools, in a partnership with LEGO, and holds a special competition for them.

‘For Penn, this is a way we can expose the students to a great engineering school,” Ueda said. “This project involves the dissemination of research and the impact on community, inspiring future engineers.'”

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