Rachel (Qiao)  Han

Rachel (Qiao) Han

Robotics MSE '20 - TruckSmarter

Qiao (Rachel) Han is pursuing a bachelor in Computer Science and a master in Robotics at University of Pennsylvania. She got into robotics through participating in RoboCup, the annual international robot soccer competition. She loves learning about algorithms and problem solving as well as having the ability to create physical objects. She enjoys teaching undergraduate courses as a teaching assistant, taking any algorithm related computer science class, and spending time working on any projects that’s related to robots, AR/VR. When she’s not in engineering, she also loves photography and traveling and is going to ETH Zurich in Switzerland for a study abroad exchange program. One of the reasons why she chooses to get her master in Robotics at Penn is because of all the cool people around and tons of great mentors and resources that she can benefit from. She is planning to get into on industry research especially on applications related to robotics in the future. And she also hopes to dedicate her free time to teaching and community building in the long term.


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Congratulations ROBO ’20 Graduates!

May 15, 2020


Daniel Lee

GRASP Faculty Member until '18, Executive Vice President, Samsung Research

Rachel (Qiao)  Han