Underwater Weather

Underwater Weather

The ScalAR lab is collaborating with researchers in the Earth and Environmental Sciences Department at Penn to better understand the underwater weather of the Schuylkill River.
We are working towards regular deployments of Autonomous Surface Vehicles with on board sensor suites, to capture river flow and sediment dynamics, driven by tidal cycles and extreme weather events like floods after storms. Data gathered will be used for developing data-driven models and adaptive sampling strategies for robots. These efforts will allow us to better understand how to protect rivers, which play a large role in our everyday lives – including drinking water!

Alice Kate Li


Jasleen Kaur Dhanoa

Robotics MSE '23 - Research Assistant at the University of Pennsylvania

M. Ani Hsieh

Deputy Director, GRASP Lab; Graduate Program Chair, ROBO; Associate Professor, MEAM

Sandeep Manjanna

PostDoc, MEAM '20-'22, Plaksha University

Underwater Weather