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Lifelong Machine Learning

Lifelong Machine Learning

Eric Eaton

Lifelong learning is a key characteristic of human intelligence, enabling us to continually acquire and refine our knowledge and abilities over a lifetime of experience across diverse domains. However, lifelong learning for intelligent systems remains a largely unsolved problem.

The Lifelong Machine Learning Research Group, led by Eric Eaton seeks to develop a comprehensive approach to lifelong learning for autonomous systems.  The group’s research addresses fundamental issues of continual learning and transfer across diverse tasks, scalable knowledge maintenance, self-directed learning, adaptation to changing environments with guaranteed performance and safety, and interaction with end-users and other agents.  These techniques are applied to problems in autonomous service robots and precision medicine. 


Eric Eaton

Research Associate Professor, CIS


Seungwon Lee



Alexander Ryan Baucom

Robotics MSE '17 - Software Engineer, Waymo

Cassie Kent

PostDoc, CIS '20-'22

David Isele

Robotics MSE '14; PhD, CIS '17

Haitham Bou Ammar

PostDoc, CIS "13-'14 - Reinforcement Learning Team Leader, Huawei

James Stokes

Post Doc, CIS '18 - Simons Foundation

Jorge Mendez Mendez

Robotics MSE '18 - PhD, CIS '22 - MIT CSAIL

José Marcio Luna

PostDoc, CIS '16 - Research Associate, Perelman School of Medicine UPenn

Mohammad Rostami

Robotics MSE '16, PhD ESE'19, Faculty member at USC CS department

Sakthivel Sivaraman

Robotics MSE '18 - Software Engineer, NVIDIA

Shashank Shivkumar

Robotics MSE '18 - Advanced AI Engineer, Honeywell

Varun Gupta

Robotics MSE '18 - Rivian

Vishnu Sreenivasan

Robotics MSE '15 - Yelp

William (Brad) Thompson

Robotics MSE '17 - COSY

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December 20, 2022

Lifelong Machine Learning