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Lifelong Machine Learning

Lifelong Machine Learning

Eric Eaton

Lifelong learning is a key characteristic of human intelligence, enabling us to continually acquire and refine our knowledge and abilities over a lifetime of experience across diverse domains. However, lifelong learning for intelligent systems remains a largely unsolved problem.

The Lifelong Machine Learning Research Group, led by Eric Eaton seeks to develop a comprehensive approach to lifelong learning for autonomous systems.  The group’s research addresses fundamental issues of continual learning and transfer across diverse tasks, scalable knowledge maintenance, self-directed learning, adaptation to changing environments with guaranteed performance and safety, and interaction with end-users and other agents.  These techniques are applied to problems in autonomous service robots and precision medicine. 


Eric Eaton

Research Associate Professor, CIS


Alexander Ryan Baucom

Robotics MSE '17 - Software Engineer, Waymo

Cassie Kent

PostDoc, CIS '20-'22

David Isele

Robotics MSE '14; PhD, CIS '19; Principle Scientist, Honda Research Institute US

Haitham Bou Ammar

PostDoc, CIS "13-'14 - Reinforcement Learning Team Leader, Huawei

James Stokes

Post Doc, CIS '18 - Simons Foundation

Jorge Mendez Mendez

Robotics MSE '18 - PhD, CIS '22 - MIT CSAIL

José Marcio Luna

PostDoc, CIS '16 - Research Associate, Perelman School of Medicine UPenn

Mohammad Rostami

Robotics MSE '16, PhD ESE'19, Faculty member at USC CS department

Sakthivel Sivaraman

Robotics MSE '18 - Software Engineer, NVIDIA

Seungwon Lee

PhD, CIS '24

Shashank Shivkumar

Robotics MSE '18 - Advanced AI Engineer, Honeywell

Varun Gupta

Robotics MSE '18 - Rivian

Vishnu Sreenivasan

Robotics MSE '15 - Yelp

William (Brad) Thompson

Robotics MSE '17 - COSY

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Lifelong Machine Learning