Dental Micro-bots Compete in the 2020 STAT Madness Tournament

March 2nd, 2020

Published by Penn Engineering 

Last year, a team of Penn engineers, dentists, and biologists developed a microscopic robotic cleaning crew. With two types of robotic systems — one designed to work on surfaces and the other to operate inside confined spaces — the scientists showed that robots with catalytic activity could ably destroy biofilms, sticky amalgamations of bacteria enmeshed in a protective scaffolding. Such robotic biofilm-removal systems could be valuable in a wide range of potential applications, from keeping water pipes and catheters clean to reducing the risk of tooth decay, endodontic infections, and implant contamination.

Now, those micro-robots are competing in STAT Magazine’s annual STAT Madness Tournament, where the best biomedical breakthroughs of the previous year are seeded in a bracket-style competition, with each matchup decided by popular vote.

Voting for the first round of matchups starts today.

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