ICRA 2022 Workshops – Organized by GRASP & Friends

February 4th, 2022

Check out the accepted ICRA 2022 Workshops organized by GRASP & friends that will be taking place in Philadelphia, PA in May 2022. The full list of ICRA 2022 Workshops may be seen here and registration opens on Monday, February 7th, 2022.

Monday, May 23rd – Full Day Workshops

Robotics for Climate ChangeSalam, Tahiya; Manjanna, Sandeep; Molodtsov, Sergey; Hsieh, M. Ani; Dudek, Gregory
Workshop on Collaborative Robots and the Work of the FutureFourie, Christopher K; Figueroa, Nadia; Shah, Julie A.; Armstrong, Ben; Chan, Wesley Patrick; Croft, Elizabeth; Prabhakar, Ahalya; Billard, Aude; Riek, Laurel D.; Ding, Hao; Moss, Dominik; Kraus, Werner; Dinh Quy, Nguyen; Nikovski, Daniel; Vetro, Anthony
Opportunities and Challenges with Autonomous RacingBetz, Johannes; Behl, Madhur; Krovi, Venkat; Mangharam, Rahul

Friday, May 27th – Full Day Workshops

Addressing Ethical and Technical Challenges in the Development, Use, and Governance of Lethal Autonomous Weapons SystemsMiracchi, Lisa; Koditschek, Daniel; Horowitz, Michael
2nd Workshop on BIMANUAL MANIPULATION: ADDRESSING REAL-WORLD CHALLENGESChen, Fei; Li, Miao; Calinon, Sylvain; Figueroa, Nadia; Zhu, Jihong
Energy Storage and Delivery in Robotics SystemsDuduta, Mihai; Temel, Zeynep; Pikul, James