Robots smaller than the eye can see could revolutionize micro-robotics

August 26th, 2020

Published by Nature

Authored by Dan Fox

Building robots at the micron scale is tricky, particularly when it comes to designing small-scale ‘actuators’ – the motors that allow robots to move. Conventional actuators don’t work at such a small scale, and new actuators that do work use mechanisms like magnetism and are difficult to integrate with traditional silicon-based micro-electronics.

Now a team of researchers have developed a new type of actuator that operates electronically and that can be layered directly onto the circuit that controls it. This opens the doors for the last 50 years of micro-electronics research to be incorporated into robots so small they can’t be seen by the human eye.

Read the full article published by Nature.

Read the paper: Electronically integrated, mass-manufactured, microscopic robots