Avik De

Avik is currently a postdoc at Harvard SEAS and the Wyss Institute co-advised by Rob Wood and Scott Kuindersma. He received his PhD in Sep 2017, at the GRASP laboratory (Kodlab) in the University of Pennsylvania advised by Dan Koditschek. He graduated with a BS/MS in Mechanical Engineering from Johns Hopkins University in 2010 (LIMBS lab under Noah Cowan), during which he performed an empirical study on how/when human beings inject feedback to stabilize a 1-dimensional paddle juggling task. Bio-inspiration remains a key research interest, and during my PhD, he switched his efforts into modular/compositional control of dynamic locomotion in a way that generalizes across platforms (quadruped, tailed biped, ...) and behaviors (hopping, running, ...), as well as the design of dynamic locomotor systems.

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