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Dan Koditschek

Researchers at the Kod*lab are interested in the application of dynamical systems theory to the invention and construction of intelligent machines and systems, with a particular focus on biologically inspired robotics. Many of them have worked in robotics with emphasis on dynamical dexterity and the management of kinetic energy in designing machines capable of performing useful work on their bodies and environments. Others have worked on more abstract problems of control and coordination with the object of developing new methods of design and analysis toward the construction of such machines.

* Undergraduate researchers are listed on the research group website


Dan Koditschek

Alfred Fitler Moore Professor, ESE


Jeremy Wang

Robotics MSE '16 - Associate Director, PERCH Design and Fabrication Facility

Wei-Hsi Chen

PhD, ESE '22 - Postdoctoral Researcher, ESE


Griffon McMahon

PhD, MEAM - Robotics MSE '22

Timothy Greco



Aaron Johnson

PhD, ESE '14, Associate Professor - Carnegie Mellon University

Abriana Stewart-Height

PhD, ESE '23 - Distinguished Postdoctoral Fellow, MIT

Adnan Jafferjee

Robotics MSE '19 - Mechanical Engineer, Formlabs

Aja Carter

PostDoc, ESE '20-'23 - Carnegie Mellon University

Alexander Kearns

Robotics MSE '18

Avik De

PhD, ESE '17- PostDoc, Harvard SEAS and Wyss Institute

Benjamin Bernstein

Robotics MSE '19 - Electromagnetic Engineer, Bresslergroup

Berkay Deniz Ilhan

PhD, ESE '17, PostDoc, ESE '19 - Head of Electronics and Firmware, Ghost Robotics

Cristina Wilson

PostDoc, ESE '18-'22 - Oregon State University

Dan Guralnik

PostDoc, ESE '19

Diedra Krieger

Lab Coordinator - Kod*Lab (2012- 2023)

Diego Caporale

Robotics MSE '19, PhD, MEAM '24

Ethan Musser

Robotics MSE '22

Evelyn Fifi Yeung

Robotics MSE '16 - Software Development Engineer, Amazon Robotics

Feifei Qian

Post Doc, ESE '19 - WiSE Gabilan Assistant Professor, University of Southern California

Gabriel Lopes

Visiting Scholar '08 - Delft University of Technology

Garrett Wenger

Robotics MSE '16; Lead Electrical Engineer, Key Tech Inc.

Gavin Kenneally

PhD, MEAM '21 - CPO, Ghost Robotics

Goran Lynch

PhD, ESE '11 - Project Manager at Synapse

Jake Fine

Robotics MSE '19 - Hardware Engineer, Facebook

Jeffrey Duperret

PhD, ESE '19

Juncheng Li

Robotics MSE '19 - Resilient ExtraTerrestrial Habitats Institute

Kevin Alcedo

Robotics MSE '16 - Artificial Intelligence Research Manager, Lockheed Martin

Mary Nahill

Robotics MSE '19

Matthew Kvalheim

PostDoc, ESE '22

Mitch Fogelson

Robotics MSE '18 - PhD Candidate, Carnegie Mellon University

Omur Arslan

PhD, ESE '16, PostDoc, ESE '17 - Assistant Professor, Eindhoven University of Technology

Paul Reverdy

PostDoc, ESE '17 - Applied Scientist, Amazon

Shai Revzen

PostDoc '12, ESE - Assistant Professor, University of Michigan

Shane Rozen-Levy

PhD, MEAM '23 - Boston Dynamics

Shiv Dalla

Robotics MSE '19

Sonia Roberts

ESE, PhD '21 - Postdoctoral Research Associate at Northeastern University

Thomas (Turner) Topping

PhD, ESE '23 - Ghost Robotics

Vasileios Vasilopoulos

PhD, MEAM '21; PostDoc, ESE '21 - Ghost Robotics

Vincent Pacelli

Robotics MSE '17 - PhD Candidate, Princeton University

Vivek Venkatram

Robotics MSE '18 - icuemotion

Yilin Liu

Robotics MSE '16 - Senior Software Engineer, Beckman Coulter