Artists and Penn PhDs collabed to explore the intersection of art and engineering. Check out their exhibit

December 6th, 2022

The exhibit currently being hosted by the University City Arts League is the culminating project of the Robotics Art Residency at the GRASP Lab at Penn Engineering and the Weitzman School of Design at the University of Pennsylvania. Three artists were chosen for monthlong residencies where they collaborated with Ph.D. students at GRASP to put together robotic art pieces for the show.

This exhibit showcases the final pieces, but also sketches, videos and drawings of the artists’ processes and how they got to the final products.

The three artists are Kathleen McDermottNikkita Staggs and Sam Hensley. Staggs’ work focuses on the environment, including a robotic flower in bloom. Hensley’s work focuses on taking apart old toys and bringing them to back to life. McDermott’s pieces relate to the motions of robots, with one machine drawing lines on the wall.
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