AI for Good – Collective robotics: Multi-robot coordination in complex environments

December 9th, 2022

As we witness the shift from individual robots to collectives of robots working together in a shared environment under minimal human supervision. Multiple robots physically collaborating with each other are capable of performing highly versatile tasks, with greater potential to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

Despite the great promise of multi-robot systems (MRS), challenges related to information sharing and communication, or task assignment need to be addressed to enable effective real-time coordination of robots to achieve common goals. In addition, robots should be able to learn from their operations and interactions over time to ensure they can adapt to failures and environmental uncertainty.

In this AI for Good webinar explore the latest technologies that enable robot-robot teamwork and how autonomous, multi-robot systems are able to interact and to manipulate their shared environment to support humans.

GRASP Lab Alumna Amanda Prorok and Professor Dr. M. Ani Hsieh appeared as speakers on Dec. 6th’s stream.
GRASP Lab Alumna Amanda Prorok presents: Learning to Communicate in Multi-Robot Systems

GRASP Faculty Director M. Ani Hsieh presents: Robotics Collectives for a Living Planet

Watch the full Webinar here: