Vasileios  Vasilopoulos

Vasileios Vasilopoulos

PhD, MEAM '21; PostDoc, ESE '21 - Ghost Robotics

Vasileios is a Research Scientist at Samsung Research America, working on Robotics. He is particularly interested in developing algorithms that make autonomous robots capable of interacting with the physical environment around them and reactively adapting to unexpected conditions. To this end, he frequently employs tools from controls, motion planning, topology and perception.

He obtained a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Pennsylvania, advised by Dan Koditschek. He also holds a M.S.E. from the University of Pennsylvania and a Diploma from the National Technical University of Athens, both in Mechanical Engineering.

Dan Koditschek

Alfred Fitler Moore Professor, ESE

George Pappas

Joseph Moore Professor & Department Chair, ESE

Vasileios  Vasilopoulos