ICRA 2021 – GRASP Accepted Papers

March 3rd, 2021

Below is the current list of ICRA 2021 accepted papers authored by GRASP members:

Paper TitleAuthors
Any Way You Look At It: Semantic Crossview Localization and Mapping with LiDARIan Miller, Anthony Cowley, Ravi Konkimalla, Shreyas Skandan, Ty Nguyen, Trey Smith, Camillo Jose Taylor, Vijay Kumar
Deformable Linear Objects Prediction Using Locally Linear Latent DynamicsWenbo Zhang, Karl Schmeckpeper, Pratik Chaudhari, Kostas Daniilidis
Dynamic Grasping for Object Picking Using Passive Zero-DOF End EffectorsCaio Mucchiani, Mark Yim
Dynamically Feasible Task Space Planning for Underactuated Aerial ManipulatorsJake Welde, James Paulos, and Vijay Kumar
Docking and Undocking a Modular Underactuated Oscillating Swimming RobotGedaliah Knizhnik, Mark Yim
Fair Robust Assignment using RedundancyMatthew Malencia, Vijay Kumar, George J. Pappas, Amanda Prorok
MIDAS: Multi-agent Interaction-aware Decision-making with Adaptive Strategies for Urban Autonomous NavigationXiaoyi Chen, Pratik Chaudhari
Object-centric Video Prediction without AnnotationKarl Schmeckpeper, Georgios Georgakis, Kostas Daniilidis
PennSyn2Real: Training Object Recognition Models without Human LabelingTy Nguyen, Ian Miller, Avi Cohen, Dinesh Thakur, Shashank Prasad, Camillo Jose Taylor, Pratik Chaudhari, Vijay Kumar
Perceived Usefulness of a Social Robot Augmented Telehealth Platform by Therapists in the United StatesMichael J. Sobrepera, Vera G. Lee, Suveer Garg, Rochelle Mendonca, Michelle J. Johnson
Reactive Planning for Mobile Manipulation Tasks in Unexplored Semantic EnvironmentsVasileios Vasilopoulos, Yiannis Kantaros, George J. Pappas, Daniel Koditschek
Search-based Motion Planning Algorithm with Guarantees on DispersionLaura Jarin-Lipschitz, James Paulos, Raymond Bjorkman, and Vijay Kumar
Soft Hybrid Aerial Vehicle via Bistable MechanismJessica McWilliams, Xuan Li, Minchen Li, Chenfanfu Jiang, and Cynthia Sung
UPSLAM: Union of Panoramas SLAMAnthony Cowley, Ian Miller, Camillo Jose Taylor