Laura Hallock

Laura Hallock

PostDoc, MEAM '21 - '23; Assistant Professor, University of Utah

Laura was a Postdoctoral Researcher in the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics with Vijay Kumar, where she is working to use novel musculoskeletal modeling and sensing modalities to build safer and more dexterous human–robot systems, including intuitively controlled high-dimensional robot platforms (e.g., assistive devices) and collaborative manipulation teams. She has a PhD in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences (EECS) from the University of California, Berkeley — where she piloted the use of ultrasound-measured muscle deformation for device control and showed its promise as a source of muscle force information for biomechanical modeling — and an SB (also in EECS) from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology — where she worked on neuromuscular modeling for lower-limb prostheses. Her research interests span sensing, imaging, modeling, system identification, and motor control (both human and robotic).

Research Groups

Vijay Kumar

Nemirovsky Family Dean, SEAS

Laura Hallock